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GIA 1.65ct Rose Cut Diamond

$6,545.00 $5,795.00


From the CvB Curated Gemstone Collection


One of my all time favorite diamonds: Incredibly gorgeous large marquise shaped rose cut diamond, 1.65ct J/si2 with Strong Blue Fluoro…don’t let the fluoro scare you, in mid color stones, it can be a diamond’s best friend…it is SUPER crisp, clean & white, with cool pastel colored flashes of light.

Totally 100% eye clean, this diamond may be the clearest si2 you’ll ever see, so GIA’s mean day will benefit you tremendously reflected in the pricing, not however the quality.

Receive a 10% discount on any CvB custom setting when purchased concurrently with this stone.

Please contact me to request videos, if you have any questions regarding this stone, or to discuss suitable setting options &/or the custom creation process