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August Vintage Round 1.29ct Lab Cultivated Diamond

$5,695.00 $5,195.00


RESERVED: From the CvB Curated Gemstone Collection


AVR Branded Old European Cut Diamond: Stupendously perfect (I mean LOOK at that aset image) lab grown genuine diamond, 1.29ct F/vs2 (IGI Lab included) with an ideal cut & stupendous eye performance.

You simply cannot get better than this!

*This is a lab grown, man-made diamond, not a moissanite or other simulate, it is an AVR patented cut, so you can expect perfection in performance, & proportions, as it is an ideal cut.

I am taking custom orders for the AVR August Vintage Round, as shown, the AVC August Vintage Cushion, & the AVO August Vintage Oval…please contact me directly to acquire a quote at the size, cut, color, & clarity you wish to order (available at I color & higher, vs clarity & higher).

Receive a 10% discount on any CvB custom setting when purchased concurrently with this stone.

Please contact me to request videos, if you have any questions regarding this stone, or to discuss suitable setting options &/or the custom creation process