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CvB Inspired Design Product Warranty

Pertinent only to CvB custom designed, crafted, & branded jeweler

The following product warranty pertains predominantly to rings, though other types of jeweler are implicit in this warranty.

Elements covered under the CvB warranty include free ring sizing, prong repair, and pavé or bezel setting repair, when applicable, or replacement for the life of the ring so long as the CvB custom crafted jewelry remains in possession of the original owner. Transport costs of CvB crafted jewelry in original condition is the client’s responsibility, should these services be required. Damage to the center stone, after the completed ring is received by the client, is not covered under the CvB warranty of services rendered and/or the finished product. Subsequently, work executed on any CvB crafted jewelry by an unapproved vendor, will void this warranty. Please contact me for a list of jewelers in your area that will happily carry out menial tasks such as sizing, prong tightening, polishing, etc.

Warranty will not cover damage or distortion to the ring, or other piece of CvB crafted jewelry, sustained beyond normal daily wear and tear. These exclusions include but are not limited to: weight lifting, lifting of any heavy object–such as canvas Trader Joe’s bags containing 50lbs of groceries, rock climbing or wood chopping, a quick turn in the garbage disposal, being run over by a vehicle of any weight class, or being slammed in a door, horseback riding while wearing your ring, walking a team of massive canines, etc; with regard to these types of damages, and depending on the severity of the damage, would require an insurance claim.

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