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Pertinent only to CvB bespoke and custom designed, crafted, & branded jewelry

We, here at CvB Inspired Design, are committed to providing you with not only exceptional heirloom quality jewelry, but also an amazing experience. We understand how daunting the thought of a prospective bespoke or custom project can be and are here for you every step of the way. Many of our clientele are return customers. We strive to exceed your expectations on every level and intend for you to be a client for life.

Prior to engaging in a contract for a bespoke or custom jewelry creation project, I invite you to read carefully through our terms and conditions below. Your signature at the bottom of the page is acknowledging that you agree to and accept the terms of this contract.

*Commissioned projects of preexisting designs with light customizations, called “semi-custom”; which indicates that there will be no elemental changes other than for the center stone(s) and/or ring size; require payment in full for the piece prior to CADs and/or material production.

….With that, let’s begin!!

1. Concept Development: At the onset of a bespoke or custom project (any uniquely custom jewelry design which has not been previously produced and/or marketed by CvB, or an preexisting design with customizations), upon agreement of these terms along with your remittance of the non-refundable $750 design deposit, I will begin the concept development of your project. This begins with discussion of style preferences, viewing inspiration images, general brainstorming, and though I normally will provide hand renderings within the week of the onset of your contracted commission, there is no concrete time frame, as it can take a varying amount of time to develop a concept to your approval. On average, a bespoke or custom project will take around two weeks until approval of the concept and/or the hand-renderings, and then will move on to the CAD phase.

2. CAD Phase: Within approximately seven days of approval on the custom or bespoke design, your CAD designs will begin. This is an average timeframe and should there be un-anticipated delays, I will alert you immediately.

*I do not offer an unlimited number of CAD designs. With the approved hand-rendering and its development through CAD, though minor edits and adjustments are anticipated within the bespoke process; a complete structural change to the design or changes in excess of 50% of the initially agreed upon design, will warrant an additional CAD fee which will be discussed prior to the onset of the re-design and CAD development. The additional fee will not exceed $300.

3. Production: For bespoke and custom clients, upon approval of the CADs, you will be given the total price of the piece (not including shipping), which will reflect the applied design fee. The production deposit will be at least 50% of the remaining balance (once production begins, this deposit non-refundable, including the concept development deposit). Bespoke or custom pieces which include custom cut stones will require payment of 75% of the quoted balance (all deposits for jobs requiring custom cut stones are non-refundable). Upon remittance of the agreed upon production deposit, I will immediately place your project into material production.

For production on semi-custom preexisting designs, with no design changes, you can expect approximately six to eight weeks until completion of the project, beginning after CAD approval.

*For bespoke designs, custom pieces based on preexisting designs, & those requiring custom cut diamonds or gemstones, or hand -fabricated pieces, we strive to complete these projects within eight weeks, though depending on the complexity of the job, production time can extend to up to twelve weeks and on rare occasions more, especially if custom cut stones are involved. Be sure to allow extra time for completion of your project, and by all means let us know at the outset of your project if you have a specific deadline. Again, when any member of the team experiences an unexpected illness, family emergency, etc., or if custom cut stones are delayed, this can alter projected timelines.

4. Completion & Shipping: Upon completion and my approval of your commissioned piece, followed by photographs, I will alert you of the completion of your finished CvB piece, and provide the photographs for your viewing. Remittance of the balance due plus shipping fees is required prior to shipping of the finished CvB piece.

Confirmation of your shipping address and an agreed upon delivery date is required prior to expedite insured transport.

*Additional topics*:

1. I do offer domestic & international insured in-house shipping via FedEx or UPS to those choosing to have their center stone transported to us for setting. The cost of shipping is contingent upon the insured amount, and quotes will be provided at your request.

2. Communication and involvement: At the onset of any project, and until completion and approval of the CADs, fluid communication is required. Once material production begins, please understand that we want to give our full attention to the production of your piece, so we cannot provide progress updates during the normal six to eight week production period. You are welcome to check in for an update after that period of time, however. We will be in touch with you if we have any details to discuss regarding finishing details such as engraving patterns, metal finishes, millegrain layouts, etc.

3. Rush Jobs: Rush jobs must be approved by me prior to remittance of payment and entering into a contract. An additional fee of at least 10% of the purchase price, excluding shipping, will be applied. We cannot always accommodate a rush job, so it is imperative that any critical dates be shared with me promptly.

Please be aware that bespoke and custom jewelry design and fabrication is a process, we request that you trust us regarding completion times and quality of the finished piece. We are a very small team comprised of highly skilled artisans who count every job as equally important to the next. We expect to meet or exceed your expectations regarding the craftsmanship of the finished piece, as well as the consummate custom experience. If you feel that we are not standing behind our commitment to you which is detailed above, we want to hear about it…we are continuously working toward a more streamlined process to provide to you an exceptional product and a wonderful experience!

Your purchase implies that you’ve read and comply to these terms & conditions above

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