About Caysie van Bebber

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”

-W. Somerset Maugham

Caysie van Bebber is an accomplished fine artist & award winning jewelry designer who utilizes her creativity, & keen visualization skills which she infuses into each piece of jewelry she designs. As to any successful art composition, she applies all of these necessary components to each her designs.

Her dynamic & artistic style reflect a foundational conceptualization of not only the look or feeling being conveyed, but also her ability to suggest a distinct personality within each piece; the mood intimated by the shapes in space, the lines & angles, and gracefully postured proportions.

These creative abilities combined with the excitement she feels for knowing that she is being charged with creating such deeply meaningful pieces of wearable art is apparent. Each is exquisitely & thoughtfully crafted; tokens worthy of symbolizing the joy, & the devotion of enduring love…a celebration of a promise made; or a promise kept. Caysie understands the important emotional value of every project that she so thoughtfully endeavors upon.

In addition to the careful application of these skills; she works very closely with her team of talented artisan jewelers during material construction to ensure that no detail is left untended. She intends only that each creation exceeds the expectations of those who commission her exquisitely designed & masterfully crafted jewelry from repurposed, recycled &/or sustainably sourced materials. From concept to creation, and finally to her custom packaging; all is made in the USA by independent artisans of their craft.