The CvB Atelier & Concierge Services

Each of our creations is masterfully brought to life, right here in California, with ethically sourced or recycled/repurposed materials.

We pride ourselves in searching out the very best—from our metal quality down to our diamond melee. For those projects requiring custom cut gemstones &/or diamonds, we likewise employ the services of those few who are at the pinnacle of mastery in their craft.

Our dedication & acute attention to these fine details are what will set your completed piece of jewelry apart from the rest; and noticeably so…you will see and feel the difference.

Diamond and gemstone
concierge service

We are always happy to design for and set your personal loose center stone, or, if you should choose, we provide a top tier diamond & gemstone concierge service.

This service is provided to our clients at no additional cost, though is only available to those commissioning projects with CvB. We work ardently to maximize your budget by selecting and providing stones most suitable to your vision. Please inquire through our contact form.

How to begin on your own adventure:

Please feel free to purchase directly from the website; though if customizations are desired, or if you’re ready to embark on a bespoke project, please contact us directly via the contact form—we will respond within one business day.