About the Artists

Because we are a small group of individual artisans, highly skilled in our respective crafts, & united in a single vision, with not one of us with more importance nor skill than the next; we refer to ourselves as a collective, as “Team CvB”.

We strive to not only provide you with unique jewelry of exceptional quality and value; but also to provide you an elevated custom shopping experience that will, in all, exceed your expectations.

How we became “Team CvB”

We began with a specific vision in mind: one of excellence with regard to both the bespoke style jewelry that we meticulously design & craft, as well as one of involvement, whereby those who honor us in commissioning these meaningful projects are involved in such a way that each piece of jewelry embodies their vision.

We’ve since developed and created thousands of pieces, so many times we are charged with simply recreating with a specific center stone in mind, etc; though we happily create fully bespoke pieces.

From concept development by the team’s award winning design artist, to completion by our master jeweler, we provide the consummate bespoke experience when tasked with the exciting opportunity to do so.

In conclusion...

Each of our creations is masterfully brought to life, right here in California, with ethically sourced or recycled/repurposed materials.

We pride ourselves in searching out the very best—from our metal quality down to our diamond melee.

For those projects requiring custom cut gemstones &/or diamonds, we likewise employ the services of those few who are at the pinnacle of mastery in their craft.

Our dedication & acute attention to these fine details are what will set your completed piece of jewelry apart from the rest; and noticeably so…you will see and feel the difference.

How to begin on your own adventure:

Please feel free to purchase directly from the website; though if customizations are desired, or if you’re ready to embark on a bespoke project, please contact us directly via the contact form—we will respond within one business day. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, & we look forward to working with you.

Caysie van Bebber